The BBC team aims to understand the genetic and physiological mechanisms underlying animal adaptive responses to environmental changes. We are particularly interested in the developmental, metabolic and cognitive variations between organisms, and in the central nervous system-periphery crosstalk.

Activities in detail

We study the links between genetic diversity (allelic variations and gene expression) and plasticity (morphological, metabolic, behavioral or cognitive) to elucidate adaptive processes and evolution in response to environmental constraints. Our research has implications for increasing societal threats such as metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases.

Our work is articulated around three main axes:

  • Central control of metabolism
  • Cognition, neurogenesis and aging
  • Development and life history

In this context, the main research thematics developed within the BBC team are:

  • Influence of key gene expression on cognition and central control of metabolism: consequences for adaptation to the environment, aging and neurological pathologies.
  • Interactions between thyroid hormone levels, metabolic defects, neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration: adaptation of transcriptional responses in normal and pathological aging contexts.
  • Involvement of thyroid signaling in neural stem cell fate choice: molecular, cellular and behavioral responses under normal and pathological conditions at all ages.
  • Interactions between genetic background, oxidative stress, metabolism and environmental conditions in young and adult individuals: consequences for life history and reproductive success.
  • Study of the genetic and cellular developmental processes that regulate the formation of an integrated and functional musculoskeletal system: evolution of the morphological innovations implicated in the water-to-land transition of vertebrates.

CNRS, MNHN, ANR, European programs, Sorbonne University, Institut de France

Composition of the team

Team Leaders

Marie-Stéphanie CLERGET-FROIDEVAUX, Professor, MNHN

Nicolas NARBOUX-NÊME, Associate Professor, MNHN


Permanent Staff

Anne BACHELOT, Research/Medical Professor, Sorbonne University (20%)

Lucile BUTRUILLE, Associate Professor, MNHN

Barbara DEMENEIX, Emeritous Professor, MNHN

Anastasia FONTAINE, Research Technician, CNRS

Eglantine HEUDE, Researcher, CNRS

Karine LE BLAY, Research Engineer, CNRS

Giovanni LEVI, Emeritus Research Director, CNRS

Sylvie REMAUD, Associate Professor, MNHN

Isabelle SEUGNET, Research Engineer CNRS



Anni HERRANEN, Postdoctoral Fellow

Víctor VALCARCEL HERNANDEZ, Postdoctoral Fellow

Benjamin BOUZERAND, Contractual Research Engineer 


PhD Students

Rym AOUCI, Ph.D. Student

Lou BELZ, Ph.D. Student

Justine FREDOC-LOUISON, Ph.D. Student

Clélia GUITTONNEAU, Ph.D. Student (50%)

Frida SANCHEZ GARRIDO, Ph.D. Student



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