The research conducted by the DESYNE team is in the field of comparative neuroendocrinology. They aim to understand the origin (developmental and evolutionary) and the role of neuroendocrine systems.

Activities in detail

Our work revolves around 2 main axes:

  • Evolution of multigene families of neuropeptides
  • Roles of the peptides of the urotensin II and somatostatin families

They use the zebrafish and, to a lesser extent, the xenopus, as models

Our team is also involved in a collaborative project with the unit STRING (UMR7196) entittled : Repair of double-strand breaks in DNA during embryonic development of zebrafish

Composition of the team


Hervé TOSTIVINT, Professeur MNHN


Permanent Staff:

Fabrice GIRARDOT, Lecturer MNHN

Guillaume PEZERON, Lecturer MNHN

Karine ROUSSEAU, Lecturer MNHN

Gladys ALFAMA, Technician MNHN

Anne-Laure GAILLARD, Technician MNHN


Non permanent members:

Bérénice BICHON, PhD student



CNRS, MNHN, Alliance Sorbonne Université, Cotrel Fundation



  • Jean-Baptiste Fini (MNHN, Paris)
  • Sylvie Dufour (MNHN, Paris)
  • Carine Giovannageli et Jean-Paul Concordet (MNHN, Paris)
  • Anthony Herrel (MNHN, Paris)
  • Claire Wyart et Pierre-Luc Bardet (ICM, Paris)
  • Sylvie Schneider-Maunoury (SU, Paris)
  • Hugues Roest-Crollius (ENS, Paris)
  • Olivier Mirabeau (Paris)
  • Sylvie Mazan (SU, Banyuls)
  • Herctor Escriva (SU, Banyuls)
  • Isabelle Lihrmann (U. Rouen)
  • Jérôme Leprince (U. Rouen)
  • Dan Larhammar (U. Uppsala, Sweden)
  • Maria-Celina Rodicio et Antón Barreiro-Iglesias (U. Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
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