Molecular physiolgy and adapatation

UMR 7221
Tête de souris transgénique Xgal © MNHN-Yorrick Gitton, Giovanni Levi

PhyMA is a joint research unit CNRS-MNHN (UMR7221).

The unit is the successor of the first French lab of physiology founded in 1837 by Frédéric Cuvier, brother of Georges Cuvier. Claude Bernard worked in the lab from 1869 until he died, in 1878.

© MNHN-Sylvie Rémaud, Marine Perret-Jeanneret, Barbara Demeeix


Our objectives are to elucidate the physiological processes controlling development and tissue homeostasis in normal and/or modified conditions. These processes contributing to phenotypic plasticity and evolution of biodiversity are studied in the context of interactions of the organisms with their environment.


Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle

Molecular physiology and adaptation. UMR 7221 CNRS/MNHN

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